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How could my business benefit from custom software?

Custom business software solution increases process efficiency through process automation. When business processes are properly automated, they minimize the waste in time and resources that the original processes contained.

Think of it this way: with software that already exists, you have to modify your process to meet software capabilities. With custom software, you can build a system around the existing processes you have in place. You took a lot of time to develop those processes, so why should you revamp your business?

How long will it take to see the results?

The answer to this question is based on each customer’s project. We will arrange an online meeting / in person meeting to get a better understanding of the complexity of the customer’s project.

Once we understand your software requirements, we can provide preliminary cost details and a timeline. The timeline is always in a range since extenuating circumstances can modify the delivery schedule. We will then provide an implementation plan for a customers project, and the steps we propose to take before actually beginning work on your software solution. This can involve workshops, specification documents, and more detailed conversations that allow us to present a final, accurate cost summary.

What technology specializations does Masycoda use?

All of our developers have advanced certifications and years of software development experience in an array of primary languages and frameworks. This allows them to explore all available options when choosing the best technology platforms for your software project.

Is Masycoda's infrastructure secure?

In today’s world, no network is ever entirely secure, we take pride in the fact that none of our clients have ever been taken down by an attack and that our network has never been breached.

How much do you charge for software development and support?

It is true that no two customer projects are exactly alike, and Masycoda treats each customer project as unique. However, our team has completed enough projects to identify commonalities, which can assist us in pricing your project. This allows us to provide an estimate, which is always competitive, and a great value. Contact us on for additional information.

Does Masycoda have a support desk?

We have a dedicated in-house support desk that is available for large time span in a day, Monday to Friday. They can be contacted via telephone, email or through our help desk portal, which you are allowed to access.

How does Masycoda communicate with customers?

Every member of the Masycoda team is empowered to communicate with our clients. Communication can be done over internet calls and emails. The frequency of communication can be kept according to project/customer need, like daily, weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, etc.

Does Masycoda provide software testing services?

We have a devoted team of Software testers. They work tirelessly to ensure that your software project is a total success.

We provide extensive software testing services based on the needs of your project. Our testing strategy is customized to ensure that the best tools and processes are used for customers project.

Do you have experience with cloud hosting?

Yes, We have experience in deploying applications in Azure and AWS.

How does Masycoda ensure that deadlines are met with customers?

We will divide your project into two weekly agile sprints. Sprints provide software development deliverables at the end of each sprint. This gives you the opportunity to see progress as the software takes shape. It also allows you to provide feedback throughout the process instead of reviewing everything at the end. If the changes are not what you desire, it’s quicker and easier for us to make changes during the build, instead of after Phase One completion.

We have the same team on your project from day one all the way through completion. This prevents unnecessary delays caused by switching team members in the middle of your project. We also have talented back-up staff that can take over your project at a moment’s notice.
We promise to provide regular communication with our customers. This includes a weekly progress report to keep you informed. This progress report, created from week one, includes a chart showing progress against scheduled deliverables. We will also provide weekly conference calls between you and our project manager and developers to give you the chance to ask questions about our progress and to provide feedback as your software development takes shape.

We want “no surprises” as we make you aware of both good and bad news in a timely fashion. If progress is delayed, we will contact you immediately to explain and work out a plan of action.