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Data Collection & Labelling

With the emergence of AI as a key technology of future, data is being dubbed as next oil and AI as next electricity. Labelled data is crucial for success of AI model and Masycoda helps our customers by offering services for data collection and labelling.

Using its network of data collectors and its well-trained engineering force, Masycoda has helped clients get to market faster. We have placed complete set of processes and checks and balances to ensure the accuracy and quality of labelled data.

Image Annotations Services

The Image Annotation is an activity where we describe the regions in an imagewith a name.In the data annotation process, we draw; Boundary Boxes, Cuboids, Polygon Bounding Boxes, Image Classification / Tagging, Image masking, Data labelling, 2D & 3D Annotation, Semantic Segmentation etc. We provide various types of Image Annotation, Verification and Categorization services to meet customers‘ specific needs for; research, testing, model training purpose.

Bounding Box

IR Training

Image Masking

Character Recognition

Voice Annotation

Cuboidal Annotation


Ontology Mapping

Semantic Segmentation

Text Annotation

Hand Writing Data Annotation

Map Information Annotation

Other Data Annotation

Geospatial Annotation

Audio Segmentation

Object Recognition

Polygonal Annotation

Autonomous Vehicle

Line Annotation

Image Tagging

3D Lidar Annotation

Facial Expression Annotation

Physique Data Annotation

Video Annotations Services

The Video Annotation Service focuses on; facial expressions, sentiment analysis and interactions. We annotate videos automatically by converting the video into a set of frames and reconstruct the video once the annotation is complete.


Subject Classification Labelling


Characters & Items Property Labelling


Subject Tracing Labelling


Subject Directional Labelling


Frame Starting Point & Terminal Point Labelling


Frame by Frame Tagging of location, Tags and object tracking

We utilize best in class tools and advanced technologies like; AI, ML & Image Recognition software’s to help our customers with Data Annotation services. Our team is experienced and well-trainedto deliver quick results within the well- defined ETAs for Image and Video Annotations.

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