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IT Managed Services

Optimize your Off-Shore Business Cost, Increase Process Reliability and Profitability. Through our IT Managed Services & Professional Services, we enable our customer rapid transformation so as, they can offer their customer a great experience. The agile team at Masycoda integrates with your current IT & ITeS setup to deliver higher uptime through the right combination of People, Processes and Technology. All this, while keeping our focus aligned with your changing business needs. We take care of your IT and lead digital transformation for your organization.

Our Team is Your team - Our team is comprised of personable and responsive technology professionals who provide our clients with a comprehensive and highly capable IT department. We build long-term, positive client relationships.

Empowering SMBs & Enterprises More Agile

You need the right people to succeed. We support short-term, seasonal, high-volume and niche contract requirements. We also provide contract-to-hire talent for project-based support with the option to hire our contractors as permanent employees or find the permanent top talent your company needs today. By listening to our clients’ business needs, we have gained a unique perspective on how we can help.

We Deliver

  1. Transparency to our tools, systems, and work flow
  2. Professional and responsive communication
  3. Clear and realistic expectations
  4. High quality results that meet growth and security needs

Your Benefits

  1. 24X7 Business Uptime
  2. Higher Business Coverage
  3. Low YoY Cost
  4. No Attrition Concerns
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